5 Reasons to Wear Wigs

5 Reasons to Wear Wigs

Not Ya Mama Wig

Wigs have gotten a bad rap for many years. If you were to mention a wig a couple of years ago, you would have received ugly looks from the sew in queens. Now the half wigs you could get away with or U-Part, but a full fledged wig? Oh no baby! They were bulky and most of the time with no natural looking part. Even our favorite celebs such as Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, Brandy, and even Queen B herself have been caught slipping with bad lace front wigs. Now in 2019, wigs have advanced so much more than the wigs our mother’s, grandmothers, or aunts used to wear! Now you have wigs that look like they are growing directly from your scalp!
Many people think that only reason women wear wigs are because they are bald headed(yes) or hiding something. That is not the case. Women with full heads of hair are now discovering all the possibilities and convenience of a wig. 

1. Hair Loss
Sometimes we can’t control the loss of our hair, whether it’s an medical issue, age, pregnancy, or a haircut gone bad. Whatever the case may be, our hair is apart of us and we get emotional and even depressed if our hair isn’t like it used to be or should be. Wearing a wig can help you feel like yourself again.
2. Confidence
Hair is a big part of a woman’s look. If her hair doesn’t look good when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t feel GOOD. Having her her A1 gives her that extra boost of confidence she needs to conquer that date, interview, or night out.
3. Versatility 
Wearing a wig can give you the new look that you are wanting! If you want to rock a bob without actually cutting your hair or if you want some 40 inch hair touching the back of your six inch pumps, then you can do that! There are hundreds on hundreds of different styles you can achieve.
4. Time and Affordability 
Gone are the days that you have to sit in a hair salon for hours just to get a sew in and fork over hundred of dollars, not to mention more money to maintain and upkeep. Yes it feels good to have a fresh weave, but the cost can leave your Michael Kors bag light. Now with the accessibility of wigs, you can leave the house feeling confident, looking good, and money still left in your bag! The good thing about wigs are that you can put them on and go! No more waiting at the salon or spending money every two weeks!
5. Realness
Wigs are now so realistic, it will have you thinking you grew it out your own head sometimes! The lace has been perfected over the last few years to mimic that of a real scalp. Even if people want the question if it’s your teal hair or not, they don’t because it looks so legit, they don’t want to offend you AND be wrong. There are wigs that has parting space from ear to ear or hair line to nape. 
We will dig deeper into the different types of wigs on our next blog!

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