How to Care for Your Brazilian Body Wave Hair

How to Care for Your Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Brazilian Body Wave Hair has been one of our most popular textures. Our body wave hair texture gives a S-styled pattern that is very versatile and low maintenance. To maintain your beautiful investment (bundles), you should co-wash your hair weekly (conditioner) and shampoo bi-weekly. Here are a few more tips to help you keep your body wave hair extensions looking their best for years to come. 

When you first purchase your body wave hair, decisions on what the best products to use or how often to wash your bundles will be made. We are here to tell you that no single care regimen will be exactly the same. This is because like our own hair, hair extensions differ by their donor.



Best Products to Use on Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Brazilian body wave hair does not require a whole lot of maintenance. Stay away from heavy products such as oils, gels, or mousse because they will weigh the hair down from product buildup and you don’t want that. You want your extensions to flow as you walk and not stiff like Gorilla Glue girl! Only a dime size amount of light serum is needed. 

How to Co-Wash Brazilian Body Wave

You may or may not have heard of the term co-wash. So what is it exactly? And should you be doing it?

Co-washing is basically washing your hair solely with conditioner. There are many shampoos out there that include harsh ingredients such as sulfate, silicone, and alcohols. All three of this ingredients are a huge NO NO. They strip the natural oils and moisture from the hair, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. That is why co-washing is so important. You simply use luke warm water and conditioner to add moisture to your bundles.

It is very important to ALWAYS co-wash your hair when you receive it from a company. Your product has been passed around from hand to hand and different manufactures to ensure that the hair quality is good.

Remember it is always best to air dry your hair after washing to avoid heat damage. 

That’s it loves! Now you know how to care for your Brazilian Body Wave Hair and you can get to enjoying your investment!

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