Tips & Tools That Can Relieve An Itchy Scalp

Tips & Tools That Can Relieve An Itchy Scalp

Pat Yo Weave...Or Not?

Yes we’ve all been guilty of the pat yo weave movement to relieve an itchy scalp but is that the only option? The answer is no and we are here to help!

Treat your hair before install 

To get your scalp clean, choose a good shampoo & conditioner that moisturizes your hair. Your scalp should also be greased after the foundation of your braid down.

Rat tail comb

The rat tail comb does more than part and comb! It works great for getting to those hard to reach, itchy spots!

Dry shampoo

You can apply dry shampoo directly to the scalp for a cooling agent. It also pulls excess oil and dirt from the scalp.

ScalpBliss Itch Calming Serum

This serum comes with a pointer tip top that scratches your itch and also is an organic serum that relieves that itchy sensation.

Scalp Soother

This three-prong tool is similar to a hair pick. It is long with a curve that helps reach the itch!

I hope this helped you and your itchy scalp! Please comment below with any questions or helpful tips.

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